School Rules

  1. School Fees is fixed by the Gayatri Education committee after having the consent from the Parent’s Committee, following the criteria suggested by the Board. No further Queries are expected, once it is done.
  2. Parents have to pay fees on time, failing to this, will result to dismissal of the students from school.
  3. Parents are required to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children’s progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and take interest in their child’s work. They should check SMS/ School App everyday and note the homework and other instructions given. They are advised to check the bag of their wards to see if any circular/ notice/ invitation etc. has been issued.
  4. Parents are allowed to meet teachers weekly, only on Saturday from 12.00 to 1.00 PM. Meeting with Principal need to have prior appointment Parents are allowed to see the Principal individually, not in a group.
  5. Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in the their address and telephone numbers.
  6. Parents must inform, in case of ward having any physical disability of serious of contagious ailment.
  7. No students will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours. Students who need to leave the school earlier (only in emergency cases) a request must be put in writing to the Principal.
  8. Students ought to apply for a leave only in case of extreme urgency. Approval for planned / emergency leave can be sought by informing the school in written form in advance / in time.
  9. If students remains absent for 3 days continuously, parents need to meet Principal office urgently.
  10. Holidays must be planned to coincide with school vacations and not during the term. Being absent in the exam is a loss of students. There is no provision of re-exam.
  11. Student must be regular and punctual and have to attend all theory, practical and other activity classes. No students shall be eligible to take examination unless he/she has completed 75% attendance counted from the opening of the school upto the month preceding the month in which the examination commences.
  12. Mobile or any kind of electronic device used by the students is strictly prohibited in the school campus, it is confiscated, it will not be returned.
  13. Student of only higher secondary along with license are allowed to come on two wheelers.
  14. Late comers are not allowed to enter the campus, they will be sent back.
  15. School admonishes the use of valuable jewellery by the student. School doesn’t take responsibility of missing of it.
  16. Dress code is strictly followed. Stitching of shirt and trousers are to be of proper loose fitting. No low-waist pant is allowed.
  17. Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Fancy hair styling, tinting, dyeing and bleaching are not allowed. For boys, trimming too much is not allowed. For girls, long hair must be tied up in two plaids, while short hair must be pinned with clips or band.
  18. There is provision of suspension/debarment or expulsion from the school if student is found guilty of bad behaviour of disturbing the peace and sanctity of school.
  19. Any student using unfair means during tests will be given Zero in the subject and issued a warning letter. Repetition of the same will be result in dismissal.
  20. SMS facility has been implemented to facilitate quick communication with parents. Ensure your authentic mobile no. to receive messages.
  21. In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment, the school cannot tolerate parents or guardians exhibiting the following :
    i) Disruptive behaviour which interferes classroom teaching, administrative work or any other area of the premises.
    ii) Using loud / offensive language, swearing cursing or displaying temper.
    iii) Damaging or destroying school property.
    iv) Abusive, threatening, defamatory or derogatory comments regarding the school/ staff / children on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
    v) Smoking in the campus and visiting school after consumption of alcohol or any toxic drugs.
  22. School rules are subject to change or can be updated. The school management reserves the right to take final decision on any matter.